Sustainability Summit 2016 cancelled


Letter from the Conference Chairs:

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is very unfortunate, but we have to deliver some bad news today. Due to a critically low level of registered participants the program committee of the Sustainability Summit 2016 had to decide to cancel the event.

We assume that our initial aspiration to bring together four very distinct fields of research under the common theme of ‘sustainability’ has been overly ambitious. We also have to acknowledge that these scientific communities each have very established and renowned conference formats, some of which are taking place around the same time as this year’s Summit. However, we are still convinced that there is highly interesting common ground to be discussed and further developed among and across the various research fields.

The program committee wants to sincerely thank you for your interest in this event and the work of our Sustainability Center here in Freiburg. And we apologize for all the inconvenience this cancellation may cause on your side. 

In case you have already registered and paid, the conference fee will be fully reimbursed, of course. If you have any questions concerning the reimbursement please contact

Kind regards,
Gunther Neuhaus & Stefan Hiermaier
Conference Chairs